Lords of Chaos

"Your vision and decisions matter"

Welcome to Lords of Chaos (LoC). This tabletop role-playing game (RPG) is set in a fantasy world where magic is real, monsters and gods walk the earth, and small groups of adventurers travel the planet (and sometimes beyond) affecting events large and small. LoC's purpose is for players to enjoy role-playing these adventurers in their quest for power, glory, and fame--or whatever other goals they decide to pursue.

Lords of Chaos is a flexible system, allowing players to fully explore their character concepts and interactions with the world. There are no “character classes." If you want to be a mage, wear plate armor, and wield a 2-handed sword, then you should embrace it (assuming of course you have the strength to lift the sword, etc.) The players also select the skills they feel are appropriate for their visions of their characters. As your characters tackle various challenges, they will gain Fame Points, which will be used to increase the characters' skills and improve their chances of success--or empower them to face ever greater challenges.

As long as the players are not violating the world’s balance or spirit, LoC's premise is that they should have as much creative freedom as possible. Of course, the Game Master (GM) is the final arbiter of all decisions and must approve any exceptions or concepts not covered in the rules.

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The rules are currently slated for a January 2022 Kickstarter campaign and both pdf and physical publication soon after. Stay tuned!

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